About the Galloways


The Galloway family moved here to southwest Florida in 2006 from Southern New Jersey.

David and Renee` have been married for 28 years and share two children together. Their son Chance graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University where he received his degree in entrepreneurship. Chance is an Author, Podcaster, Inspirational Speaker, and Certified Personal Trainer. He works full-time with the family company as head of Residential sales and marketing. Daughter Savanna works on her own but takes part in connecting her community with Galloway Roofing. Savanna is currently working on her own album as a new genre singer/songwriter. Savanna made it through a very difficult time in her young life, soaring with her music, writing, determination and academic dedication. The Galloway’s are a strong family unit, having been through many diversities and triumphs within their lifetime. This caused the Galloway family to work even harder for the betterment of their community by roofing as many homes as possible.

Dave picked up a hammer to build his mother’s pool house when he was just 16 years old. He has not stopped since! Dave has hands of gold, according to his wife Renee`. In New Jersey, Dave renovated their first and second homes and added a 1000-square-foot addition before he convinced his family to take a leap of faith in relocating to the little Peninsula here in sunny South West Florida. Dave figured he could work year-round, not having to worry about missing income during the harsh winter months. Renee began writing a weekly column for the Waterline publication published by the Sun Media Group.  Renee wrote every week for 3 years until her health became a hindrance, forcing her to stop worrying about deadlines and begin writing her personal manuscript. Which has now won over 4 awards from the Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA).

Each Galloway family member takes part in the family business. Chance worked for Galloway Roofing as a production supervisor and then manager for 3 years. He then took on responsibility for the residential sales department after Hurricane Ian. He runs Galloway Roofing’s social media pages, flys the company drone over the most impressive projects, and connects with the SWFL community. He has been helping the family company since before opening in 2012. Daughter Savanna, has done everything from sketching the company’s logo on a whiteboard to then running a majority of the residential sales department for 4 years. Savanna is now working to join the FWC and protect/preserve the Florida ecosystems! Co-owner Renee Galloway, heads the advertising department, making sure Galloway Roofing advertises to homeowners who truly need a trusted local roofing contractor to bid their project. Renee (along with the Galloway’s and every employee) believes in building and maintaining a reliable name to keep customers 100% satisfied. Renee is determined to work alongside as many residents, realtors, and builders to help secure their homes/projects from Mother Nature and her elements.

Dave Galloway is the driving force! Galloway personally oversees the many obstacles that go into growing the business. He is the man with an impeccable work ethic which continues to build the business to its full potential. Mr. Galloway continues to work tirelessly to ensure every project is treated equally as well as each homeowner that walks through the front door! Dave does not rest until each client is happy with the end result of their project 🙂