Residential Roofing

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When it comes to discussing the most common type of roofing system, you would be referring to an asphalt shingle roofing system. Shingles come in all shapes and dimensions and are actually comprised of many different materials such as metal, slate, asphalt, wood, plastic, and other composite materials. They act as a phenomenal water barrier to protect your home or residence from the protruding outdoor elements. Asphalt and architectural shingles are the most common type used on residences. Asphalt are more of a traditional look whereas architectural are 3 dimensional giving a more 3D look from a street view, or in this case from a drone view!

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A much cleaner to install job than shingle, metal offers a sleek look and generally better protection from the outdoor elements. We offer two standard type of metal roofing systems: Standing Seam and 5-V Crimp metal (Most Common). Both these metal systems are just as effective as the other, the only difference is the way they are secured down to your roof. Standing seam is comprised of panels that interlock at their ribs which sit 18 inches apart. 5-V metal roofing systems are installed a bit differently. This system is called 5-V, because when looking at the panels from a street view it makes a pattern at the very edge of 5 separate v's per panel. These panels are secured by high grade steel 5-V screws. These screws are specifically designed to withstands winds upward near 150 mph. Both roofing systems work to keep you from the danger of Florida's outdoor elements, including hurricanes.

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Tile Roofing Projects are a much more appealing roofing system to many people, especially in southwest Florida. They are very popular for their aesthetic look. Tile has a very long history, running all the way back to the B.C and stone-age era. Quite literally, because a lot of the roofing was made out of stone and stone like material. This is where tile roofing originated. The history is quote phenomenal!
Tiles are actually environmentally friendly, well most of them that is.
Tile roofs are made from earth minerals, not chemicals, and can be ground up and recycled when they are removed.
Energy efficient: The heavy thermal mass of tiles will help regulate Indoor temperatures.
Although very durable, inspections are recommended to identify storm damage or neglect.

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Stone Coated Steel provides the greatest lifetime value out of every roofing system we offer. This product (Tilcore) consist of a Zinc Aluminum metal that is coated with asphalt and stone, creating an almost indestructible roofing system. This product is able to better withstand natures harsh elements and has a backed warranty from manufacture for up to 50 years!