Placida Harbor Condominiums

Check out these two 60 square standing seam metal roofing systems we installed all the way out on Little Gasparilla Island! These roofs previously had 1 layer of shingles along with a 5v crimp metal covering on top. Tearing off and removing trash from the island is not one of our easiest tasks, neither is delivering the metal panels. Here at Galloway Roofing we believe that when there's a will, there is a way. The guys removed 240 squares of trash from the island and delivered 120 square of metal to the same jobsite. A lot of work, but we really enjoyed the view from these beachside condominiums. We remain very grateful to the Placida Harbor HOA who has continued to give us the opportunity to work through the last couple of years. We hope you enjoy these pretty awesome pictures of our final walk through!